To your health

As you think about whether to cast your vote for President for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, think about health, immigration and our city: they’re all connected.


Save Indian Pond

Courtesy of The Riverdale Press

A developer's threat to an enchanting little park offers a textbook example of the way political fixers manipulate New York City's government--and of the need for communities to fight back.

Hands off Harlem River parkland

New York has lavished millions on creating river front parks in Manhattan, but in the Bronx City Hall wants to take park land away.


Bring less garbage to the South Bronx

How a proposed law that would cap the amount of garbage that can be dumped on the South Bronx, North Brooklyn and Southern Queens, went from near-certain passage to imminent defeat offers a text book example of the city’s backroom politics.


The day after Trump’s election

Trump says this is a time for healing. No. This is a time to denounce his racism and misogyny, to mock his vulgarity, to contradict his lies. It’s a time to laugh at him--to get under his thin skin and puncture his self-importance. It’s a time to revile his worship of wealth and to oppose…


Candidates retreat on fair-share plan

The city is supposed to build a new garbage facility in Manhattan to relieve the South Bronx of the unfair burden it has shouldered for years. Now, though, some politicians are wavering.


Occupy the Bronx

The Bronx is in the house,” thundered 60 or 70 people last Saturday afternoon as they marched into a public square in lower Manhattan. The chant announced their presence to more than a thousand demonstrators already assembled in Zuccotti Park to protest against corporate greed and a government that serves business and the wealthy at…


An Election Day civics lesson

On the day he was elected president, Barack Obama told his supporters that they had lifted him into office. He left out something crucial.


A license to steal

When Mark Twain observed that Congress was our only “distinctly native American criminal class,” he was being absent-minded. He overlooked the New York State Legislature. Look no further than last Friday, when Brian M. McLaughlin, the seven-term assemblyman from Queens, pleaded guilty to racketing charges of stealing millions from the union he headed, the taxpayers…